Building your cap table isn't easy.
You need to summarize by the different groups that get stock, the different rounds and even the different classes. You gotta calculate voting shares versus fully diluted shares. That's a lot work.
StartUpNetwork's capitalization table does it all - seamlessly, effortlessly.
This is what you get.

The end result. Every cap table user wants to know a certain key set of facts about your capitalization table. How many shares vote, and the fully diluted shares, including options and warrants. What was the last pricing setting the valuation and the valuation right now. Put your line items in and all of this is calculated automatically for you. Automatically. No muss. No fuss.

Multiple summaries, just push the little button on the column you want to summarize. Green - you got it, blue - it's waiting for you. Hey, you know you have to look at the cap table from a few different views. Group summary - where's the shares by investor group, you, the vcs, employees, angels, etc. Class summary - varied classes of stock rule the day. Know each and their weight. Round summary - which rounds have the stock? Stay on top, know the result - instantly.

Group Summary. See it all. Options, warrants, shares, voting, fully diluted, pricing, amount invested, and current value. At your fingertips, accurately.

Class Summary. Jump from group to class to round. See it all. Bang! How much for the common, the preferred, the convertible? Of course delivered instantly, beautifully, accurately.

Round Summary. Who's controlling what? How many shares in the Series A? in the common class? Wow! Am I losing control of the company? Check it out, drive what you want. Know where you stand.

Add as many stockholders as you need or like. Of course the fewer the better, but as many as you need. Delete the line items you want - the first, the last, any line item you want.

Every line item captures all the information needed to track each line item. Use the dropdowns to pick the class, group, and round. Then add the stockholder name. Enter the shares, warrants or options and the price the stockholder paid. The capitalization table will calculate all the rest for you automatically. The voting percentage together with the fully diluted percentage and even the invested amount with the valuation too!All the totals are updated automatically, and all the summaries are waiting for you to see - just push the button!

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About Cap Table

What's a Cap Table

The cap table or often formally called capitalization table, is the record of every benefical owner of the company's existence.

When a company is sold, many, many, times what's sold is all of the shares or stock of the company and in turn, of course, it's stockholders.

Stock can take many different forms: common stock, preferred stock, options, warrants, and more...

Use The Cap Table

There's so little you need to do to have a cap table! But you gotta do it.

No one will invest, from angels, to venture capitalists without seeing who owns what, when, and for how much.

Here you enter each stockholder and the details about their purchase.

Later you can assign other cool things that let you view, summarize, hide, etc. so certain people see the cap table accurately, but presented the way you want.


Cap Table Tips

Suggest your valuation then seek their support or guidance ...

Say "We were thinking a $2m valuation, raising $500k now. What are your thoughts?"

Everybody has an opinion as to what you should do - listen but follow only what makes sense to you...

Know the forecast, business model, market size, & competition. Know as many facts as you can. Don't bullshit. DO Push...


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