rate your angel or venture capital deal. do it.
get measured. you know every contact that has the ability to fund your startup is going to measure a bunch of things about you and your company. see AT LEAST 50 questions you need to know the answers to. and although many of the questions are qualitative they are going to be QUANTIFIED. and yes you will end up with something like a viz. so get vizzed! you do it when you want - play with the sliders & see what they're thinking! it's good. do it.
50 parameters - 7 questions - cool.
tell me how it works. it's easy and it's the way you should do it too. so take a look and see what your vizz iz! there are seven categories in the viz - the business, the market, growth, barriers to others, your progress, investor returns, and you and the team. each category is weighted into a SECRET SAUCE revealed here. then you provide you measurement 1-100 with 100 the best - of course (duh!). see your vizz & the financing category you achieved and how much capital that provides.