set sail. right now! most people don't realize what it will take to raise money. there's all sorts of stories out there. but in general if you use simple science magnitude starts to have some sort of accuracy. for instance tomorrow on friday is four days include fri.,sat.,sun.,mon. anything that is signed takes a minimum of two days. a meeting takes week from pursuit to reality - minimum. sending an email for review with content of any importance is two-three days before the first response. so if you think through the steps you have to execute, attach some realistic time, focus on a type of investor rather than all of them - you'll end up with a realistic schedule of what it will take.
Let everyone know what the plan is.
broadcast. this is going to take a while. and something you may not have thought of - it's in every investor's interest to wait to see how you do with no investment. what's that mean - it means you have to communicate the progress you're making - broadcast it everywhere and let people know the train is pulling out! invest now or the amount of progress you're making will zoom by with interested investors missing the boat. get on board!!!!!
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