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get the view.
get the view. a real view and one you can use every day to get funding. even if you keep it on a napkin you have to be constantly calculating what might come in when. there's a simple way to do it so much better - gotta have a gate system -intersect the steps investors take before they write the check & how much time the step takes. then track prospects along with their min & max investment amounts and shazam - there's a forecast. every day. no back talk. no complaints. it just works.
get a forecast.
light up the real forecast. for you, the team, investors,& prospects. here's a classic startup catch-22. you can't raise money unless you make continual progress. you can't make progress without money! what's a gal to do? you gotta raise money constantly to pay the bills and make progress - that's the answer. and to do that you have to really, really, really, know what's going on now & what's coming too!
hear every note.
symphony of detail. summarize later by gate & time & get the money. capture just the prospect name, minimum & maximum investment expectation, and then follow the steps. there's lots more available, but, when you need to get a handle on what's cookin & when it'll be done. just get the minimum detail in there and you're cookin too!
know what's going on.
end frustration. use gates! you have to forecast what's coming in but who knows for sure? when you establish the gates you quantify prospect progress & potential too. each gate represents a sequential step suspects, turn into prospects, and into investors. decide how long each gate is and what per cent will make it through and you've got the beginnings of a forecast. yeah!