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15,000 out of 150,000 companies get funded each year.
1,500,000 people are simultaneously seeking venture capital.
probably even more seekers than that as well. companies finance 2, maybe 3 years running. that ...

15% of the vcs do 70% of the deals.
the biggest vcs view 100 new deals per month.
there's at most 3,500 venture firms domestically. that means about 500 firms are the target of ...

10% of deals are stars you see in the news.
375,000 firms chase 500 venture capital firms.
c'mon the newspaper #!? those deals are hollywood. the rest of us have to be relentless ...

50% of the money goes to california, 30% to the northeast.
everyone is calling on the same people you are.
venture invesment in california is almost 50%, and 30% in the northeast (boston to washington to ...

startUPnetwork provides the process.


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